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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The search for my own Digital Camera

Since i arrived in Canada i have enjoyed taking many pictures with my husbands digital camera. Sometimes though, he needs his camera for work and other things so i am not always able to use. I have been looking around for websites with info for digital cameras and websites that sell cameras and i found this one website that spoke of a place called 42nd street photo 42nd Street Photo technorati . I didn't know how easy it is to be able to buy anything you want online even from a store so far away. I have still not talked my husband into getting me my own camera but i know it will happen someday. For now i can take pics of all the wonderful things to see in British Columbia, Canada. Sometimes i even take the camera to work and take pictures of my co-workers and things. I really enjoy using the digital camera when were house sitting as the mountain views in Maple Ridges are really wonderful. I have not yet found the perfect camera for me but i am still looking. I think i will browse the site of 42nd street photo again and see if i can find someone i want there. i am sure i will find something soon