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Monday, August 4, 2008

Hubby is the best

When I started blogging Thomas did not like it, even if I told him that I can earn money. He not believe to me He keep saying its scam and He told me that how I can make money through blogging but later on He want me to do whatever I like as long I make happy with it and now we are best team in blogging hehehe yes hubby is the best He always helping me to make my site beautiful especially the gramatical error thanks hubby your the best.

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Filipino-Life-Abroad said...

Hi Laura

Its been for a while i didn't visited your blogs.Because my time is unlimmited now i have so much priority now a days. I'm so packed up hayzzz so tired and everything . When i'm home...But today i visit your blogs and wow i almost not recognized it its so beautiful before you don't know how to do it even tagging now you know better than me. And i like your hubby very supportive my hubby he always scolded me for doing this he hate me when i am in my computer desk. Ha ha jealous guy always. So long and have a nice day always. Take care and God bless