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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Scared My Husband

I can't control my laughter when Thomas told me that I scared him last night. He told me that he went to bathroom and when he return to bed, he thought that I am awake because he saw my eyes open and he said i was smiling at him, but when he tried to talk to me I am sleeping so he not bother to wake me up. After about 1 hour he woke up again and he said that he saw me still looking and smiling like crazy woman. He told me about this the next day and I laugh at him and say really ? and he said yes hahaha I am funny, maybe I am dreaming wonderful dreams hehehe.

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Cecile n' Matt said...

it was funny, poor thomas, he was scared to death i can tell :-) do not do that again:-)hhahahaha