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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rank 3

Last night I went to bed so early because I am so exhausted from work. I thought that all my energy went so I need to recharge, I do not have time to check my site yesterday because I was totally tired.

This morning I received offline messages from my friend Mel telling me that my blog is PR3 at first I did not believe because I ignore it for more than a month and I do not have time to update it, I was wondering how it would happen my blog to get PR3. So I tried to send her messages and ask her we’re I can check my site but when I send her messages she’s not home.

Her step daughter is the one who answer my message telling me that she is in post office and after few minute finally she is back. So I talked to her and her give me some information we are to check my page rank.

I was so happy when I check my page rank it really says PR3 until now I cannot believe that I got lucky from having page rank. To Google, thanks so much.