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Sunday, July 27, 2008


This cute little girl named Janelle Grace named from the word blessing from almighty God Because shes truly a blessing because her mom had the cyst in ovary when shes in her womb and when she comes out its the time to removed the ovary of her mom too. She is my niece from my cousin and my god daughter too. She is talkative, smart, and funny. She makes us laugh through her learnings. She was born last September 2005 that time we are all excited to hug & kiss her. But we have to be more careful cause he was so little and weak that time. And thanks God because she has not any complication shes healthy when she was born.

Days and months goes by we saw many changes from her, from the way she smile, move, and talk. Before she can only smile later yelling when she saw me and say nangnang comes from the word ninang LOL!! Shes one of my favorites even my hubby because Shes felt comfortable with my hubby that why hubby like her and He spoiled her by giving a gift and always send us in mac Donald and jolibee and you can amaze the way she eats so neat she doesn't like to be mess she always handling napkin or handkerchief That i know for a fact he is only two years old, she want to do dishes even in her young age yes she always wants broom to swept the floor and even she like doing laundry I remember when the time she puts clothes in basin even its comes from closet and on the faucet funny little girl She can also identify different animals from small to big ones. Counting numbers from one to ten. She likes Dora and Barney she want her clothes to have Dora in it hehehe she likes to watched cartoon show in TV even though I know she cant understand it all she want is to sing and dance with them.

I missed her terribly because I always bring her whenever I go when I was in Philippines because i like her behavior we do shopping and eating and jolibee and now my sister told me every time Janelle heard and saw airplane she keep saying I am always there hehehe I hope she will be stay sweet and nice.