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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Denture cost

My denture in my upper part was broke few days ago but the damage is not too bad I can use it either But my hubby worried about it,He said he dont like ugly wife So he reaserch denture clinic for me and set appointment for not me knowing,He said only that I need to go there april 15 @ 11am.
For all you know I had denture in my upper and lower part think same 6 teeth for upper and 6 for lower sounds I am old coz no teeth hehehe but I lose it not for eating some candys when I was young but out of curiousty I want to have denture only hahaha coz I saw some of my friends had denture and they changes I mean they look more beautiful with it,So i go dentist and told them that I want to rid my teeth coz its paining even not hehehhee pssstttt....before my denture only 2 infront but later on it will become many coz maybe in the rings that they put coz cant deal with the pain of teeth its like all my body paining so even a lil hurts I go dentist to rid them so until I had only some few teeth left,And everytime I look in the mirror without teeth Im scared with myself hahaha.
Anyway yesterday I go for my appointment hubby cant drive me coz His at work,So I take a bus and I arrived earlier in the clinic so I wait half an hour,I read all the magazines there before They called my name,Then doctor look at my teeth if He can fixed it and yes but They strongly recommended for my new denture So Iam asking how much its cost and how its takes long? The shocking moment my denture cost 1,260 in upper only and if They do the lower too it will be 2,520 dollars plus tax Oh my Im shock when I know the price that amount I cant travel back home in our land,Im just wondering why its too cost here in terms of denture or dental? Oh well thats why some foreigners go to philippines for their teeth.For now I cant decide for new denture for me I can wait to fix my denture until I had vacation in philippines coz its not so broke I can use it still but my hubby wanted new but Im thinking of money,If you guys in my situation what you will do?


Bestfriend's blog said...

hi Laura

Yes,very expensive here The Root Canal cost 2,thousand up

the bridges 2 thousand up

and your have 6teeth i can imagine how much it is?

But the service is good.And gquality wise...if you done that in the Philippines maybe you will spend a thousand if you want good teeth right.

Do you have Dental Care? if will help you a lot!

God bless and thanks for stopping by my paged.

azillah said...

gnyan talga dito Lau..kon makaya pa wait ka na lang pag uwi mo sa pinas .

Beth said...

Yes, it's very expensive to have a perfect smiles abroad. I had my periodontal I think 2 years ago. And even if I have 2 dental insurance, it's still cost me money. Now I am planning to have a bridge and the dentist told me that it will cost about $ 5000. And Im sure the insurance won't pay the whole thing.

Babette said...

Hi Laura, if you want both upper and lower dentures then you should have it done in the Philippines. Does your husband have dental insurance? Usually they will pay half of the cost.

Definitely Maybe!
Not Just Another Blog...


expensive talaga pag convert mo sa philippines money wow makabili kna mansion sa pinas. d2 rin samin super ka mahal. pro pag may insurance ka it helps

Katterine said...

Laura, That was funny the way you explained how your hubby agreed on you getting dentures. I understand the prices are high. Are you still satisfied with your dentures? Next time you shop, check out Cheap Dentures Site. They can save you as much as 50-60% on dentures or denture services like relining.