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Friday, March 7, 2008

Whatta Friday

My friday is lil a kinda boring staying home all alone,Il go outside a bit go store after Il drop the get well card to our bestfriend kimmy coz shes sick ,And hubby allow me take care of that card so as for good wife I need to find post office here and luckily I get it just one time Im go there and I saw the sign postal so i say it might be the post office or if ever they accept postal stuff and as I wanted to know I tried it and yes thats it hehehe Im so happy everytime I found places that I dunno before for me its big job that I make hehehe..

So well after that Il back home not good still to be outside coz so coldy you can felt the brezzing that you like in maximum aircondition room even your in the middle of sunlight thats why Im always hurried to be home coz of that,I was online and good thing that my sis is online too since Im here in canada I only talk to her once cant talk to her coz of time maybe but I always know whats happens with her coz she always calling to my family back home and my other 2 sis who work in cavite told that to me always,After I talked to her felt lazy for what I done,just thinking to do laundry coz hubby want my sunday without doing it,So i already did want to go hop hop to other blogs too but Im pretty lazy here...

So Il cooked pansit too today but hubby emailed me that he like to ordering pizza when he comes,but still I make pansit coz I already bought shirmp and Im craving with it since its a 1 month that I cant ever taste it again,we will see what happens If he liked to order either coz its taste so good but dunno still maybe he likes anyway gotta go guys enjoy taking peeking to my blogs even its not updated always...see yahh later


texas_sweetie said...

hi LAURa,SIPAG MONG mang hop hop hehehe..thanks sa visit. cold pa ba dyan?

rare lang kami mag snow dito sa Texas kaya pag may snow parang nasa langit ako hehe! twice lang yata kami nag snow this year hindi pa thick..kunti lang pero ok na rin atleast meron.
happy weekend to both of u there

Beth said...

Hi Laura, pahingi ng pansit he he he. Just kidding. How cold is it there now? Our high today is about 75, we have like a summer like weather here )