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Friday, February 29, 2008

Time is so fast

Time is so fast I thought its only yesterday when I came here I remember the day when the time I left manila Iam so nervous but at the same time excited too....Its been 5 months since then its sept 19 2006 was my departure at Ninoy International Airport my sis and 1 cousin accompany me in airport when I leave in phils I was in binondo its the place I work before its my home my work my everything I wake up very early that time coz my flight is 7:00am and its good to be early in the airport since its my first time so I wake up arround 4:00am But its say that the hard thing to do is to saying goodbye to all my co workers, friends and family especially ,my eyes was very teary that time as what my co workers too cant breathe cant talk hehehe dunno why i felt that,just because maybe I work 16 years in that company and all are my friends they treated me so well,But I need to say farewell to all of them to face what the reality hehehe what my destiny my husband Dont have any idea what my life to be here but Im optimistic and I know God always with me Im pretty sure that He not give me someone that can do something bad to me beside when all the decision i make in my life I first asking with his guide So Im very thankful for the life that I have now not so rich in materials things but rich inlove yes Iam so happy that Iam in my husbands hands now coz day by day love more deeper with us I saw how he treated me here I felt his kindness more and more and most his love,So i never regret for me its the nicest thing happened in my life.
My family are in cavite that time dont like to see mom coz when she talk to me she always crying since visa comes but I stay 1 week there coz I know its a years or long years to come before I came back too and mom sure too that I always eat what she thinks that not here like malunggay,gabi,talbos kamote etc,She said what if theres something happens to me and they are so far but she said that shes be happy for me and She not have choice for the life I choosen A marriage life coz before when I not married yet they are the one who push me to be married coz they say my help is enough for them I need to think myself,They say that I need to face my life and they are happy when I got married and now that I live here in the other country.

My first time to travel alone in strange place Its a miles away from phils,Iam so nervous coz I have stop over in taiwan So dunno what I do like that but good thing that I meet 1 filipina lady in plane and shes will be going to vancouver too,So i felt ok that time shes a nice lady her eyes lil swole too coz she said her hubby cried and their 2 daughters So I understand maybe its in our blood to be sentimental Our flight delay half hour and when someone interview me in immigration asking if i had some money I said yes and she said how much I said 10,000 the lady who interview her eyes becomes wide what??????????10,000 I said yes but not dollars peso,hehehe I dunno its in their policy maybe not to bring like that amount of money but when I say its only 250 i think in dollar she will be alright hehhehe I felt nervous that time and at the lobby of airport I saw my hubbys bestfriend kim waiting for me she said she waits 1 hr hehehhe hubby allow her to meet me coz his not available that time hectic schedule I felt the breeze of air a lil cold that time a sign
that I am in canada hehehe ok guys thats all