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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Morning gals.Im here sitting infront of my laptop I want to post but my mind is empty then i browse my pics and i found my pics about tatoos...Some people like tatoos because for them its art they fascinated of it and every tatoos that put in their body had meaning you know what i mean.....but other people dont like of tatoos like me for me its dirty but sometimes if i saw someone have tatoos i like it especially the tribal for girls sometimes its cutie ...I remember before when my hubby asks me if he can have it and i say nooooo hehehe so he not force me to have it until now but when he comes in the phils think he likes me to have tatoos look what he did to me....He call me makulit thats why maybe its the tatoos i get from him hehehe it's only a pen......But when he back here i send him a photo having tatoo hehehe he surprise and he asks me why i do it without asking him and I laugh because it's only a fake tatoos then he relieves and laughing too because he thinks its real hahaha....Its taking last year in our company outing . when one of my co worker bought a bunch of fake tatoo and i enjoy doing it too and have an idea to take pics and send it to my hubby just want to know his expression hahaha silly girl.....but think u cant see it guys coz its little.