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Monday, February 11, 2008

Q and A Tagged From LIZ

Thanks pretty girl for always giving me tag hehehe .....u make me happy for this thanks again dear.....want to share it to my friends mel,sweetiepie,loannah,beth and jhoe...

Are you in a complicated love situation? nope
Do you hate more than 3 people? hmmm cant remember im forgiver but im human only not to be angry but its not takes long
The last thing you drank? water i love it
Favorite chocolate bar? hershey and snickers
How many pairs of shoes do you own? hmmmm think 6 but cant use the 3 pairs coz its not close d pwede sa lamig..
Favorite genre of music? Gospel mostly coz i know the lyrics i can follow the songs,country too
Do you like beer?- nope never taste it
What are your favorite color(s) rainbow
Is anyone in love with you? Absolutely Yes my hubby
Pepsi or Sprite? water hehhe
How many video games do you own?nope d me mahilig,but lots here coz its hobbies of my husband buti nalang video games hilig nya ala ng iba hehehe
Does look matters? yes of course but mostly i look in the heart not in the face hehehe esp in friendship but nice to be beautiful pero sb nga beauty is useless but character is the best
Are you too forgiving? Yes very...sometimes even its not my fault im the one who make 1st move i men ako lumalapit hehehe
Do you own a gun? nah what for?
What did you do last night? sleeping
Nicknames? my family call me Lara,others friends call me Lau,back in school they call me Elenor coz my true name is ELENOR LAURA but here my name is Laura hubby like that nice coz im Laura Stone now
Are you thinking about somebody right now? Yes, my family
Are you happy with your life right now? Yes very much happy
Do you like your hair? no hehhee
Does anyone like you? I think so
Last thing you read? Blog comments
Are you afraid of the dark? yes
Have you ever stripped? No
Can you cook? Yes, i love to cook
Money or Love? I think love coz its stay but other says ala na daw love love pag kumakalam na sikmura and its true but for me i prefer more Love coz i can do anything for love i mean to earn lots of money,and im not greedy for money i can live in simple life although nice to live with lots of money coz we can buy anything what we like but i think the best to make us happy is to be content for what we have.
Do you enjoy scary movies? nope
Marriage Or Live In? Marriage of course!
When was the last time you said “i love you”? this morning before hubby go to work