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Friday, February 22, 2008

My Trials and Triumphs

Good day! to everyone want to share with you The tales of my trials and triumphs how I become Mrs Stone, This is a quite long but want to share it to you guys..

Our story started last feb 2003. I and Thomas met in yahoo chat. I saw his profile in yahoo and i find him interesting and so I tried to say hi to him. Luckily, he answered me back. But despite of our initial conversation he still have doubt in me and dont want to talk with me unless I filled out my profile which at that time I leave it empty.But I am so persistent to talk with him and even said to him that filling up my profile is not necessary as long you are true to yourself and to the people you are talking with. I also told him that even without it I am still commited to talk nicely to all the people I will encounter in the internet. I think I caught his interest that time. Maybe he found me also amazing thats why he continued to talk with me even if I knew he still doubted me.Our affection with each other started after several months of exchanging emails and chatting with each other.Thats when we begun to commit ourselves to one another as a long distance couple. But no matter how far we are from each other it not hinder us to fell our love from one another and each day our love started to grow and bloom. We talked almost everyday and both of us did not mind the little sacrifices we make just to be able to keep in touch from one another.Right after my work I went to cafe just to be able to chat with him,while he did not mind waking up so early just to be able to talk with me I felt the happiness that I never felt before everytime we talked.This I know I really falling for him.

After long time of exchanging emails and chat we decided to meet but at first he dont want to come to phils.So what I did was to take caregiver course because i heard that it one of the easiest ways to go to canada.THey say one you finish it there alots of agencies that can help you a find a caregiver job in canada.I want to prove to him that I will do everything just to be with him.He supported me on this because he also wanted me to be here.But things didnt come out the way we planned to be.I found out that even I already have the certificate for caregiver it does not guarantee that I will get a job in Canada in one snap of my fingers.

After all the obstacle that come in our way I still prove him that I am willing to be with him by filling my papers at mesothelioma law firm. I wait for few months then the mesothelioma lawsuit give me some additional instruction how will my papers turn good. I was so thankful that during the processing of my papers there is a mesothelioma lawyers that help me to answer if I have the entire question I have.

I felt so sad that time I feel so empty knowing that we cant really be together. But Thomas was so nice He said that it was ok even if I failed.He also understands how I feel and so he asked me to get visitors visa instead.But then once again my attemps did not succed.I think the only good things came out during that time is that those trials make our relationship stronger and better.We both understand each other.Thomas comforts me in every failure that I encountered.

When everything I tried seems to fail,Thomas decided to come to philippines to marry me,I am so happy upon knowing it and that I will finally see him in person and be with him just what I dreamed long before.He finally came to phils last Aug 2006,I feel so at ease with him and no doubt that I love him.I felt so lucky to have a man like him to be my husband.He is so great and Ifeel that he also love me so much,staying with him give me a chance to really know him more.He such a funny man,He did something to make me smiles and laughs,He treated me so good He treated me like a princess,He wants me to have evrything that will make me comfortable but then I said no to him when i think that the stuff that he wanted me to have was not really necessary,I dont want him to think that I like him just because of his money but because I really love him.But just the same he is so generous,He bought me a laptop so I not going to cafe anymore,one morething that I like with him is that he is not a kind of guy who came here just looking for sex,He always respected me even from the very beggining,I feel so bless having him,I feel his love and he prove it even more when he came in pinas to be with me and much more to marry me,I never thought that it will happen,I am so thankful to God for sending thomas in my life.

When He come back here he arrange my papers so I could follow him right away and after 6 months of waitng my visa came we both happy that time knowing that we be together for a lifetime,I booked my ticket right away,And now finally Im in Canada,I am so happy and feel bless on everything that happened between me and Thomas,My husband is not rich but I know that with each others help we will be able to have a more comfortable life with our soon to be kids,thats my story.


Norm said...

wow! I like your love story, very romantic, hehehe. Alam mo dyan ako sa vancouver dumaan bago lumipad dito sa Toronto. Kumusta kana dyan? snowy din dyan? sana makapasyal ako dyan sa Vancouver, hehehee

laura said...

hehehe thanks sana nga makapunta u d2,ala na snow d2 d tulad dati pero malamig parin jan d ba dami pa snow,anjan fam ng hubby ko sa trenton dko pa nga cla nami meet eh,palagi u naman me imsg ha...salamat kc sb sakin sweetiepie halos magkasabay rin tau d2 kaya hinanap ko site u ...thanks ulit

Michelle said...

i can't join your plans of visiting each others place with norms coz im here in usa. hehe but one thing why i want to leave a comment about this post is im impressed with guys from another country who fly a thousand miles to meet the girl of their dream in the philippines and not going there for sex. same thing with my hubby, that's why i marry him. :)

Lisa said...

That's a nice love story. I enjoyed reading it. My hubby too is a good man and he didn't take advantage or ask for sex before we got married. He respected me and that's why I love him more. You and I are blessed by the Lord for giving us good husbands.
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pinaYLoveStories said...

Hi sis thanks for allowing me to publish ur Love story on my site...

yan sis salamat congrats