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Friday, February 15, 2008

The GrACiAs of our Family

This is my sis,we call her grace of family not only of her name but for what she did always in family,I remember before when i was young Mom always say that they name grace to my sister because that time was nothing i mean very poor and yes i can proof that I remember that time we dont have any food to eat and mostly we eat poridge with matching camote to live only,but when grace comes many blessing comes too because even shes a little girl she always founding money likes 500 peso to buy rice like that i remember also when she found 5,000 peso in a box hehehe because that time shes playing with a wrapper of candies pretending its true know kids but mom return it in the owner and she gets 100 peso reward how bad the owner is .why she not make it 500 for reward but that amount is big before because maybe that time only 250 peso per kl of rice,When she graduated in elementary she try to exam to SOM and since shes a smart girl shes luckily approved it's a school in manila free high school with many vocational courses.but for her younger age that times its hard because manila from bicol is far in her age she lives by her own only but shes a brave girl to facing all that she succed after four yrs,after she graduated high school she can get job and she study of computer technology at night at de same time helping our family,when she graduated she try to apply in intel it's a big company in philippines but she hired then she starts to work in production but then she always promoted until she becomes admin,she helping my sisters and bro to finish their courses because she said if shes be up all her sibling ups to no one stay in down so we all helping but mostly shes the one who did because she earns much better,in family we have three teachers,1 engineer and three graduate in computer courses in her young age she got home in cavite by all herself but shes not contented for it she study again at night taking computer and telecommunication engineer and Im proud coz she graduated last year and now she promotes again in intel working in engineering department,Shes so sweet sis before shes always helping me in my paper assignments even shes much younger to me hahaha because shes better than I english becomes well while Im the one who make she always there to help me even how she busy infact shes the one who teach me to chat so all what i have the now in my life i owe to her,We so proud of her for the achievement she gets and I can say her name is fit to her the GRACES of family.....I make her model because for me shes a true model hehehe....ok guys hope you can learn in this page happy reading.